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A broken down bus with no wheels
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A camping scene of a tent overlooking a lake
4 Years Old and Younger
A table with several pushbutton Pattern Machines
5 and 6 Years Old

Two tangerines—one is intact, and the other has its peel cut into a spiral
7 and 8 Years Old
Nested measuring cups, including 2/3, 3/4, and 1.5 cups in addition to the usual unit fractions
9 and 10 Years Old
A four-by-three array of quarter grapefruit
11 Years Old and Older

Books and Playthings

3 by 6 by 2 prism of orange and natural maple geometric blocks
Truchet Blocks
Dark and light wood tiling turtles
Tiling Turtles
Colorful patterning tiles
21st Century Pattern Blocks
Cover of the book
Which One Doesn’t Belong?
Cover of the book
How Many?
Colorful patterning tiles