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Christopher Danielson, PhD

Author, educator, dad

Christopher Danielson

Parents know that we need to read 20 minutes a day with our kids.

But teaching math to your kids doesn’t have to be intimidating.  It can be fun.  Just as children say goodnight to the moon, they can say hello to numbers, shapes and measurement.

Talking Math with Your Kids provides ideas and products that get children and caregivers talking about math with creativity and joy.

Whether you’re reading books on the couch, cooking dinner, running errands, or scheduling your day, opportunities for math talk abound.

This website collects research about, and examples of, math talk with children. Each post offers suggestions for adapting the examples for your own children, interests, and lives.

Enjoy and let me know how those conversations are going in your home. Use the contact form to ask questions, send feedback or to send along a conversation for highlighting on this site.

Thanks for reading.


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A blog of math research and examples of how to talk math with children. Choose an age group below to view age-appropriate math conversations and activities.


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Christopher’s math joy infuses every page of his books and every piece of his sets, a joy you can’t help but experience through them, whatever your age.

EdTech CEO

One of my favorite things about Christopher’s work is that it invites *everyone* to think in mathematical ways through a playful, familiar lens.

Designer and Aunt

How can I recommend this highly enough? “Which One Doesn’t Belong?” can stimulate children to think like research mathematicians, a rare and precious feat for a children’s book.


Mathematician and Author

What unites Christopher’s work are his curiosity, his passion, and his deep belief that every person is a mathematician with interesting thoughts to think. He spreads joy, and I am grateful for him.

Math coach, Parent, Author

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I am delighted to chat with readers and colleagues working towards our common goal of supporting the mathematical development of young children.
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