Kolam Tiles

Kolam Tiles


Sixty-four wooden tiles of six different types that combine for endless beautiful creations.

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Kolam is a traditional geometric art form from South India, mostly practiced by women who use rice or chalk dust to draw a pattern of curves and lines around a grid of dots.

Kolam Tiles adapt this art form into a combination of art, mathematics, and play. These tiles are designed by Amy Alznauer and Venkat Gopalan, and laser engraved in Saint Paul, MN, using 3/16" thick domestic maple.

You can find more information about Kolam Tiles, Kolam puzzles, and subscribe to a newsletter for updates at kolamtiles.com.

What's in the box

64 tiles, measuring 1-3/8" (3.5 cm) on each side, and 3/16" thick.

  • 12 each of 5 different tile types, and
  • 4 circle tiles

A tiny guide to Kolam Tiles that includes challenges and suggestions for creative possibilities.

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