Talking Math with Your Kids is about supporting children’s early mathematical development.

Parents know that we need to read 20 minutes a day with our kids.

But teaching math to your kids doesn’t have to be intimidating.  It can be fun.  Just as children say goodnight to the moon, they can say hello to numbers, shapes and measurement.

As a curriculum developer and teacher, I am constantly having rich mathematical conversations with my kids.  At the grocery store.  In the park.  In the car.  For a couple of years, I was documenting these conversations on my blog, Overthinking My Teaching. But the focus of that blog is my classroom teaching, so the math conversations with young children were not readily available to the population that needs to read them: parents.

Now they are.

This website will collect research about, and instances of, math talk with children.

Enjoy. And let me know how those conversations are going in your home. Use the form below to ask questions, send feedback or to send along a conversation for use on this site.

Thanks for reading.

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Contact Me

ATTENTION! Before you hit “Submit” on this contact form, you should know: (1) There is better than a 99% chance that I will not review your app (you should browse my existing product reviews to get a sense of what I am doing in that arena), and (2) I do not EVER post infographics or respond to requests to write guest posts.

I am, however, delighted to chat with readers and colleagues working towards our common goal of supporting the mathematical development of young children.

Who I Am

I am on leave from my teaching job at a community college in Minnesota, currently working at <a href=”www.desmos.com>Desmos</a>, and I parent two children together with my dear, dear wife (who is a very patient woman).

I am a former middle school teacher. I still work a lot with middle school and elementary teachers, for whom I have a tremendous amount of respect. I have worked on a large scale middle school curriculum project. I will talk about any of these things at the drop of a hat.

I have a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from Michigan State University.

As of this writing, I have been teaching for 21 years, and parenting for 11 years.

This blog shows a somewhat biased slice of our home life because of its focus on math talk. But by following the conversations, you can learn a lot about my/our interests outside of math.

#tmwyk on Twitter stands for “Talking Math with Your Kids”. Join us there, won’ t you?

19 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. This is an non-PC example, but, parents would understand potty training – 5 m&ms for using the potty. Then gave them only 3 when the time came. They learnt to count to 5 pretty quickly – to keep an eye on mommy and daddy’s counting skills.

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  5. Hi, I absolutely LOVE your site and the way you make maths approachable and fun. Any plans to go above age 9 with your posts?

    • Thanks for the kind words, Beata, and thanks for reading along. Most of what ends up here on the blog comes from conversations we have around the house. The boy turns 10 in August, so we’ll flesh that out in the coming year.

      I have a few other projects going on that have me thinking beyond the ages of my own children. I imagine I’ll share out some things from that work as ideas occur to me. I shall consider myself encouraged to do so.

      In the meantime, there are many conversations here that can provide good fodder for a wide variety of ages. Try to pin down the definition of a sandwich with a 12-year old and report back, will you?

      • I’ll make sure I do that. Funny that, my son will be 10 soon, too, and the other one is nearly 13 – bracing up for a roller coaster ride:)

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  8. I am so glad I stumbled upon your site. I have a 2 year old and I am currently reading The Smartest Kids in the World and did not realize how bad the US is in teaching Math!

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  11. We have just decided to homeschool our daughter. I purposely majored in English so that I could get as far away from math as possible! With math being my cryptonite, I’m ecstatic at finding your blog! Thank you!

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