About Christopher Danielson, PhD

Christopher and friends

Talking Math with Your Kids provides ideas and products that get children and caregivers talking about math with creativity and joy.

Whether you’re reading books on the couch, cooking dinner, running errands, or scheduling your day, opportunities for math talk abound.

This website collects research about, and examples of, math talk with children. Each post offers suggestions for adapting the examples for your own children, interests, and lives.

Enjoy and let me know how those conversations are going in your home. Use the contact form to ask questions, send feedback or to send along a conversation for highlighting on this site.

Thanks for reading.

Who I Am

I work at Desmos, where I work with a team developing creative and social online math lessons.

I started teaching in 1994 in the Saint Paul Public Schools. I earned my Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from Michigan State University in 2005, and taught at the college level for 10 years after that.

I am the author of Which One Doesn’t Belong?, How Many?, and Common Core Math For Parents For Dummies. I founded Math On-A-Stick, a large-scale family math playspace at the Minnesota State Fair, and I work on Public Math, a non-profit that supports informal math experiences for families in public spaces.

Apples are my favorite fruit.