Update, and a newsletter


It is undeniable that the pace of posting on this blog has slowed tremendously as my children have aged out of the 4-to-10 year old sweet spot of this work. I have ideas for reformatting and repurposing existing content, and for moving the blog writing forward, and I am hopeful that time will surface for this in the near future.

In the meantime, I wanted to let folks know that I started a newsletter. The first couple of issues went out before we all got sequestered in our homes, and you can read those in the archive. The next one is chambered and ready to go out soon.

So if you’re interested in semi-regular ideas and opportunities related to kids and math, mostly outside of school, then head on over to tinyletter and sign up.

I’ll also put in a plugs here in case you’re looking for something to amuse yourself and/or family with right now. Truchet Blocks are new and available at the Talking Math with Your Kids Store. They are wooden blocks, and so are fun for all ages. They also have some sophisticated geometry built in that allows for beautiful patterns and images.

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