21st Century Pattern Blocks Scaling Up


I am very excited to let folks know that Dan Finkel of Math for Love has scaled up 21st Century Pattern Blocks production and availability. They’ve been available here on this site for a few years now. At first I was making them on a maker-space laser cutter, then I had a small domestic manufacturer make them for me, a couple hundred sets at a time. 

Now Dan has had them made in large quantities, and they’ve come out beautifully! They are available directly on his site, or on Amazon.

A large collection of colorful polygons, scattered on a white surface and brightly lit Looking almost like candy, there are pink right triangles, yellow hexagons, purple irregular hexagons, blue diamonds, red isosceles trapezoids, gray darts, and (best of all) teal kites. In the center of the image is the box these tiles come in, which reads "21st Century Pattern Blocks. Pattern Blocks for the Next Generation"

If you’re unfamiliar, 21st Century Pattern Blocks are an update to the classic, and compatible with them. Fun to play with on their own, and fun to combine with a set of the original Pattern Blocks. 

Go see some beautiful patterns shared on Twitter (#21stCenturyPB), and then go make your own joy and beauty.

I’ll share some fun 21st Century Pattern Blocks activities next week.

Related, the brilliant Nat Banting started playing with various sizes of the original Pattern Blocks, and that led to Upscale Pattern Blocks, which are also now available from Math for Love.

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