Shape Puzzles

Coming Soon!

The puzzles passed independent third-party safety tests in July, and were play-tested in two dozen households in August and September.

A few design tweaks resulted from the play testing, and hexagon puzzles started production in late October 2020.

In January, we started cutting hexagons from 1-inch thick baltic birch.

Further updates will be available right here, and also through the Talking Math with Your Kids newsletter.

Notes from play testing

I love [my 3 year old’s] innate desire for patterning and seeing how he thinks about the shapes. I prompted about tiling and he traced some of the shapes on paper. This led to great artwork, and likely some mathematical insight.

-Anne (mother of a 3-year-old)

My 3-year-old loved it! She spent much longer playing with it than I imagined. She wanted to stack them, place them next to their homes. We played with how different orientations could have them fit in other places.

-Zak (father of a 3-year-old)

I was surprised at how often they came back to them when they were left out on the table. The bright colors really appealed to them. Once we used them to trace out new shapes, it created a new set of adventures that re-engaged them.

-Juan (father of a 4-year-old)

It has been played with everyday since it arrived. The pieces are strong, the paint has not chipped, the colors are vibrant. Seems to be a 10/10.

-Stacy (grandmother of a 2-year-old)