A book recommendation


Sue VanHattum is a fellow community college teacher and a friend of the project. She cares deeply about math, about parents and kids, and about bringing those three things together for fun and for learning.

She has compiled and edited a book, titled Playing with Math filled with the writing of other wonderful people. Honestly, some of my favorite writers about math and teaching are this compilation. If you don’t have time to seek out amazing writing about math learning on the web, Sue brings Fawn Nguyen, Kate Nowak, Paul Salomon, Malke Rosenfeld, Avery Pickford….so many talented writers and teachers to you in one neat package.


She is crowdfunding the publication of this book [UPDATE: The crowdfunding was successful! The book and associated work live on at playingwithmath.org]. Any contribution helps make the book a physical reality. For 9 bucks, you’ll get an electronic copy. For 25 bucks, you’ll get a hard copy once it is produced. For 5 grand, she’ll come lead a math playtime with your group!

I have put it on my summer reading list. You should too.

Playing With Math: Stories from Math Circles, Homeschoolers, and Passionate Teachers has over 30 authors, who each tell their delightful stories of sharing their enthusiasm for math with others. It was lovingly compiled and edited by a teacher whose passion is to share the love of math with as many people as she can.

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