Math teacher seeks primary classrooms to talk shapes

I made a shapes book recently. The response has been a ton of fun. I have heard from parents of preschoolers, from primary grades teachers, upper elementary teachers and middle school teachers. All have reported having interesting and sometimes surprising conversations with their children and students.

I have heard from high school teachers, including a class studying set theory.

But I feel as though I am missing out on the fun. I want in.

If you teach kindergarten, first or second grade in the Twin Cities (MN) area, and you would be willing to have a visitor come talk geometry for a half hour in the coming months, shoot me a note, please. If you know such a teacher send them this post, please.

We’ll work out the details and I’ll see you in class!

15 thoughts on “Math teacher seeks primary classrooms to talk shapes

  1. That’s a lovely thing to hear, and volunteering to cone talk shapes in the classroom is also a selfless thing to do. I am sure the kids will enjoy every bit of it. Unfortunately I can only share expecting that some random teacher in your area will see and love what you’re doing. I am so very far away from you – all the way in Nigeria. All the Best!

    • Thanks for the support from far away, StrivingNigerianMom! If you ever run across a grant to bring shapes talk to Nigerian classrooms, let me know! I’d be in for sure!

  2. I work with several K and 1st grade teachers who would love to have you come and talk with our students. How best to arrange this?

    • Sara, I’m not presently up for the long-distance thing, I’m afraid. I do hope to get some video from some of my classroom adventures in the coming weeks, and I promise to share that widely once I do.

      Thanks for your interest and stay tuned!

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