[Readers write] Talking math with high schoolers

Reader Virginia wrote in via the About/Contact page recently, but must have had a typo in her email address. So I will reply to her question here. She wrote:

Intrigued by your blog and will purchase your ebook. Why not write about how to have math conversations with a high schooler? We could really use help in that arena. Many thanks.

My reply:

Thank you for reading, and thanks for writing.
I will be honest and say that the reason I haven’t written about high schoolers is that I don’t have regular access to them. Almost all of my examples come out of my experience at home, filtered through my professional knowledge. My little ones are now 7 and 10. I have been keeping track of these conversations since the older one was about 4, and in more earnest when the younger one was 4.
I will keep your request in mind and post to the blog when resources occur to me that may be helpful to you.
In the meantime, you may have fun with a website called Math Munch. There is lots of fun stuff to explore there, that would be appropriate for having conversations with high schoolers, even if that isn’t the explicit aim.
Best wishes and thanks again for writing!

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