Who Fits Where?

Who Fits Where?


Which of the nine cross-sections matches which of the five solids? There are answers both familiar and surprising in this hands-on math toy.

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Nine differently-shaped cutouts, and five solids.

Who fits where?

Each solid rests nicely, or passes through, more than one cutout, and each cutout admits at least one solid. It's geometry and calculus and algebra and cross-sections all rolled into one addictive hands-on toy.

Who Fits Where? makes a fabulous desk accessory, coffee table object, or dinner table centerpiece. You'll fold the heavy, laser-cut paper along the scored lines, insert four tabs and you're ready to go.

The solids are 1 inch in diameter and height; the frame measures approx. 5" square, and 2" tall.

NOTE: Because the plastic solids are small and rigid, this IS NOT a toy for children under 3 years of age.

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