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DIY Pattern Machines

One of the favorite activities at Math On-A-Stick is the table full of Pattern Machines.  We used to sell them here at the Talking Math with Your Kids Store. As you’re about to learn, however, making them is a bit time consuming. We are working on getting a...

pattern machines on a table

Vehicle Chat [Invitation]

It all started with a disagreement between Kassia Wedekind and her daughter Lulu. Pretty soon, it wasn't just elevators we were arguing about, and it wasn't just Kassia and Lulu weighing in....

old rusty bus in the woods

Book Launch Party Tuesday!

A new version of How Many? is coming out on Tuesday, from Charlesbridge. It has an all new design, some new words, and mostly the same images, but is published for the home market. (Whereas Stenhouse publishes primarily for the teacher professional development...

How Many? Book Cover

Talking Patterns with Kids

I am working on another book; this one will be about patterns. That means I need to learn about how people learn about patterns, and that means going to school. So yesterday I packed a collection of images and asked 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders what patterns they saw....