How do I help my high schooler?

Jessica Lahey writes for the New York Times parenting blog Motherlode. It is an excellent and wide-ranging resource. Recently I had the opportunity to correspond with her about a math question sent in by a parent. As is the way in journalism, I had more to say than could make it into the piece. The […]

Ten hundred Doras

There was a while when Tabitha (five and six years old at the time) would try to get away without wearing underpants when she dressed herself. Those days are pretty much over, but I still like to make sure she has done the complete job, so I ask her from time to time. Tabitha (7 […]

How young children learn about numbers

“As in other areas of language development, it appears children infer the meanings of [multi-digit] numbers using whatever experiences they can access.” This is one of several conclusions a group of researchers at Michigan State University and Indiana University drew from their study of through year olds (pdf). (Read the Washington Post’s report on the research […]

Things that come in pairs

Talking math with your kids takes two forms: (1) seizing opportunities the kids initiate, and (2) creating opportunities where there might previously have been none. This is story of creating an opportunity—first with my four-year old, then with my seven-year old. — I was doing the dishes one morning while Tabitha (who was four, nearly […]