The New York Times published an article about Common Core homework this week. As is going to be the case with a news article (in contrast to say, a post on a blog dedicated to children’s mathematical ideas), one can’t really learn any mathematics from the piece. One critique got hit twice, though—that children are being […]


Tabitha received a Twister game for her recent birthday (7 years old!) She enjoys a version of the game in which one person spins and the other follows instructions until, as Tabitha puts it with much delight, the cookie crumbles. The players switch roles for the next round. No score is kept. She wants to play […]

Multiplication Machine [Product review]

We have in our house a thing called the “Multiplication Machine”. It is a flash-cardy sort of thing. The multiplication facts are written on top of a 9×9 array of spring-loaded buttons. You press one and the button pops up, revealing the product. You can buy such a thing at your nearest teacher supply store. […]

A short waffles conversation

Those Eggo mini-waffles are paying off. We had this conversation the other day… Me: There you are, Tabitha. Two sets of waffles. Tabitha (six years old): That’s 7. No…8! Me: [washing dishes with my back turned to her] Right. Two sets of four is eight. T: That’s not how I know. Me: You counted? T: No. […]